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Coming Soon: Island Pulp Detective Series

Published by Margaret Sisu in Island Pulp Detective · 21/3/2013 20:23:59
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Q: So, Margaret, you’re going to do a fiction series with a recurring character all. What’s it about? Vampires? Serial killers? A geeky mathematician?
A: Nope. It’s pulp fiction. Not Quentin Tarantino’s movie—the genre pulp fiction.

Q: Pulp fiction?! You mean those fast-paced stories from way back in the 1920’s and 1940’s?! Goodness, where did that idea come from?

A: I’m a pulp fiction and old black and white movie fan. Dates my taste, I know, but everyone likes a quick, cheap thrill now and again and pulp delivers. A few years ago I unearthed my Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps and delved back into Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe and it hit me that I’d like to try something similar.

Q: So why did you take so long to do this?

A: Because The Nude was a priority at the time, as was learning this new world of publishing and book marketing (shudder). One thing at a time. And anyway I didn’t want to recreate the same old brash Bogart-types or dye-bottle dames. I wanted to modernize and give it my own slant.
Q: And did you?
A: We’ll see. It hit me that I could kill several birds with one stone: create a recurring character fans could get to know without committing myself to over a year writing a whole novel, write short stories—something I really enjoy, offer mystery, action, and a bit of naughtiness which everyone enjoys, AND write about my homeland, modern Barbados, which is a ripe setting for simmering intrigue under all that bustling, balmy neatness. Plus it helps me beat off the homesickness when it strikes.

Q: Does your series have a name?

A: Island Pulp Mysteries…or Island Pulp Mystery Series…or Island Pulp Detective Series. I’m having trouble committing to one, but not to the individual storylines!

Q: So who is your main character?

A: Roger Barrisford Gooding, a local private investigator and quintessential Bajan man—sexy and aggravating. (His is a very Barbadian name, by the way).

Q: So the first story is done? When can we read it?

A: Yes, it’s done. I’m now doing what I call the ‘dressing up’ but it’s an e-pub—pdf and e-readers—so it won’t take as long as for traditional hard print format. By the end of March it should be out.

Q: And what’s this first story called?

A: Good & Kinky

Q (& raised brows): Kinky, huh? Ooh, boy. What’s it about?

A: It’s about a woman who goes missing after her boyfriend…( a smile and head shake)…Nah. On second thoughts, you can read about it next week on

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