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NATHANIEL MYER - On the back cover

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 21/3/2014 13:25:34
Tags: Adultcontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance

Hunting the animals who destroyed his life, Nathaniel Myer has few resources. He loses everything save the clothes on his back and a crumpled wad of papers he got off of a crooked detective. His life comes down to just one purpose: justice—or vengeance, depending on your point of view. He's certainly no one's hero.
But even as he closes in on a sociopath the law just can't seem to touch, Nate finds himself the reluctant guardian to a ragged band of misfits—a cantankerous old army veteran, an emotionally disturbed kid, and a mother and child hiding out from their case worker.
Then his life takes another series of blinding turns and, with final justice threatening to slip through his fingers, Nate discovers that his toughest test is just starting.

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