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Readers talk about "Nathaniel Myer"

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 12/7/2014 21:41:10
Tags: Adultcontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance

        Here's what a few readers across the web and the world have said so far about Nathaniel Myer.

        Amazon review
: "Absolutely brilliant...you won't want to put the book down..." - Janet K. Australia
       Goodreads review
: "Highly recommended." - Ken P. Canada.

       Comment on Facebook: "…loved every bit of it! [few] authors/books can make one cry, be mad, and then frustrated within the first 50 pages!" – Sofia I., Germany
       Comment on Twitter: "Another heart-stopping thriller by Margaret Sisu." - Rico D., USA.
       Editor's comment: "Stunning. Grabs by the throat…" - Author Ann H. Creel, USA.

        It does the heart good, because I poured my guts into that thing and, truth be told, almost gave up on it twice. Now it's out there, I like knowing that someone picks up my book and ends up grumpy the next morning because they spent the whole night with it and didn't get enough sleep. Or worse, their Kindle burned out from sheer exhaustion.
        I like it even better when some skeptic picks it up just to humor me, only for four hours to vanish in the instant between them skimming the first page and getting sucked into every compulsive word thereafter as mere paragraphs become tangible images, characters become living, breathing acquaintances, emotion bathes them like a morning shower, and they journey through the characters' experiences like they were their own. I hope my readers emerge from "The End' feeling like they've been away and need a long cool drink and a longer, deeper nap to recuperate and remember who they really are.
       If I can make you forget who I am and feel who you can be, my job is done.
       I'm plotting the next one already.

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