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The Author & the Character Study - "Nathaniel Myer" Interview

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 14/8/2014 10:50:41
Tags: AdultPTSDhomelessnesscontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance


       I kicked back with Timothy Gean to discuss my new suspense/thriller-with-romantic-interludes (as I call it). We talked gritty plot, oddball characters, hair-raising antics, tender love story ... and the great dollops of humor to help soften the tough lives. And we talked serious background - real homelessness (not like movie stars who spent a week on their friends' couch and spin it into high drama when they made it big,) post traumatic stress, and some of the realities of war we back home don't understand and, let's be honest, mostly don't want to.
       Surprise. Tim was also a research source for the book, and in a way, a character study (don't worry - he knew what I was up to.) From a long family tradition of military service, my friend/interviewer was a sergeant on the front lines in the Iraq war, jumping out of aircraft and evading exploding roadside bombs to retrieve injured personnel. Tim offered what no internet search, TV documentary or published book could: a face to face, I-was-there-when-it-went-down-and-bled-all-over-me-and-I-live-still-live-with-it-every-damn-day account. I held his pictures, his medals, his ribbons - and the chunk of thigh-slicing schrapnel he keeps as a reminder of how close he came to never being a civilian ever again. It was an opportunity and insight beyond value. Now Tim faces giving as much to his future as he gave to his past.
       Watch the interview.
       Respect the guy.
       Read Nathaniel Myer.

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