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IndieReader Approved!

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 5/3/2015 14:58:09
Tags: AdultPTSDhomelessnesscontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance


4 out of 5 stars and an IndieReader Approved rating for "Nathaniel Myer".  The indie book critics say, "...the novel is well-plotted and gloriously detailed.... Dramatic and clever ... a strong revenge thriller with an excellent cast of supporting characters."

Read the full review, enjoy the first three chapters FREE on the author website, then get it on Amazon, Xlibris, or other major online retailers!

The Author & the Character Study - "Nathaniel Myer" Interview

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 14/8/2014 10:50:41
Tags: AdultPTSDhomelessnesscontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance


       I kicked back with Timothy Gean to discuss my new suspense/thriller-with-romantic-interludes (as I call it). We talked gritty plot, oddball characters, hair-raising antics, tender love story ... and the great dollops of humor to help soften the tough lives. And we talked serious background - real homelessness (not like movie stars who spent a week on their friends' couch and spin it into high drama when they made it big,) post traumatic stress, and some of the realities of war we back home don't understand and, let's be honest, mostly don't want to.
       Surprise. Tim was also a research source for the book, and in a way, a character study (don't worry - he knew what I was up to.) From a long family tradition of military service, my friend/interviewer was a sergeant on the front lines in the Iraq war, jumping out of aircraft and evading exploding roadside bombs to retrieve injured personnel. Tim offered what no internet search, TV documentary or published book could: a face to face, I-was-there-when-it-went-down-and-bled-all-over-me-and-I-live-still-live-with-it-every-damn-day account. I held his pictures, his medals, his ribbons - and the chunk of thigh-slicing schrapnel he keeps as a reminder of how close he came to never being a civilian ever again. It was an opportunity and insight beyond value. Now Tim faces giving as much to his future as he gave to his past.
       Watch the interview.
       Respect the guy.
       Read Nathaniel Myer.

Readers talk about "Nathaniel Myer"

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 12/7/2014 21:41:10
Tags: Adultcontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance

        Here's what a few readers across the web and the world have said so far about Nathaniel Myer.

        Amazon review
: "Absolutely won't want to put the book down..." - Janet K. Australia
       Goodreads review
: "Highly recommended." - Ken P. Canada.

       Comment on Facebook: "…loved every bit of it! [few] authors/books can make one cry, be mad, and then frustrated within the first 50 pages!" – Sofia I., Germany
       Comment on Twitter: "Another heart-stopping thriller by Margaret Sisu." - Rico D., USA.
       Editor's comment: "Stunning. Grabs by the throat…" - Author Ann H. Creel, USA.

        It does the heart good, because I poured my guts into that thing and, truth be told, almost gave up on it twice. Now it's out there, I like knowing that someone picks up my book and ends up grumpy the next morning because they spent the whole night with it and didn't get enough sleep. Or worse, their Kindle burned out from sheer exhaustion.
        I like it even better when some skeptic picks it up just to humor me, only for four hours to vanish in the instant between them skimming the first page and getting sucked into every compulsive word thereafter as mere paragraphs become tangible images, characters become living, breathing acquaintances, emotion bathes them like a morning shower, and they journey through the characters' experiences like they were their own. I hope my readers emerge from "The End' feeling like they've been away and need a long cool drink and a longer, deeper nap to recuperate and remember who they really are.
       If I can make you forget who I am and feel who you can be, my job is done.
       I'm plotting the next one already.

Kirkus review of "The Nude"

Published by Margaret Sisu in The Nude · 17/4/2014 11:17:24
Tags: AdultcontemporaryfictionnovelAmericanintrigueromance

See Starred Review on Kirkus Reviews

         "When the secrets behind an intriguing nude portrait trickle out into the open, a photographer and her artist lover must grapple with the fallout in Sisu’s masterful debut.
          Photographer Gwen Mason has just opened up her own studio in Miami and hopes to find her niche in the trendy city. Though she lives with her divorcee mother and doesn’t think she’s interested in a relationship, meeting upcoming artist Adam Straker changes all that. Adam’s paintings are causing quite a stir in the art world, and Gwen knows she’s found something special. He might be 20 years her senior, but that doesn’t stop the couple from embarking on a passionate affair. Yet one of Adam’s paintings arouses Gwen’s curiosity like no other; it’s a striking portrait of a nude woman, one Adam keeps hidden and pointedly refuses to discuss. When Adam has the chance to land a spot in a prestigious New York City gallery, Gwen believes the painting will secure his place, and she shows “The Nude” to Adam’s manager without Adam’s knowledge. Though the painting clinches the New York deal, it starts an explosive chain reaction for Adam and Gwen. In the coming weeks, decades-old secrets of destroyed lives and loves, of tragedy and revenge, of greed and madness, are revealed at a cost no one could have foreseen. Sisu nicely ramps up the suspense with her excellent pacing, while her vibrant depiction of the art world breathes energy and authenticity into the narrative. Gwen and Adam’s stormy relationship rings true, though delving into Adam’s point of view earlier would have delivered a more well-balanced story. Gwen’s feistiness and sometimes bad choices make her sympathetic and fully human, and readers will root for her to discover her past and keep her man. But it is Sisu’s analysis of the creative process that forms the heart of this novel; she explores the artistic mentality in all its bizarre and often-misunderstood facets and digs deep into the dark underbelly of creative genius and its unintended consequences.
             An enthralling first novel.

Kirkus Review of "Nathaniel Myer"

Published by Margaret Sisu in Nathaniel Myer · 28/3/2014 13:34:34
Tags: Adultcontemporaryfictionnovelthrillersuspenseintrigueromance

     In Sisu’s (The Nude, 2011) unconventional tale of vengeance and redemption, after a vicious gang attacks his well-to-do, suburban family, a father abandons his previously comfortable lifestyle in pursuit of the reckless culprits.

     After a decade of marriage, computer programmer Nathaniel Myer is facing a midlife crisis. The novel begins with a typical afternoon car ride through the suburbs of Miami with his wife, Lauren, and son, Li’l J. At a stoplight, Nate compliments a souped-up Mercury Marquis. Its four occupants are appreciative but suspicious. Later that day, Nate wakes up from a nap to find that his wife and son are being taken hostage by four masked men. While Nate tries to negotiate, it becomes clear that these thugs want to be paid in blood: a notch on the belt to add to their street cred. Left for dead by the masked men, Nate manages to survive, though his wife is dead, and his son is in critical condition. After months of little progress from the police, the foreclosure of his home, the loss of his job and growing distrust of his associates, Nate becomes a vagrant with one motive: track down the men from the Marquis, the same men who tore his family apart. In Nate’s quest for payback, he makes his fair share of friends and enemies. Though there’s betrayal, sex and violence, this isn’t a typical murder mystery. Sisu artfully keeps readers informed while sustaining heavy suspense as the story unfolds. Several chapters are told from a gang member’s third-person perspective as well as from the perspective of another gang member’s lover, giving clues that expose the dynamics of the ruthless gang. With relatable, compassionate but extremely flawed characters, the relationships are complex. There’s also a consistent flow of playful, quip-heavy dialogue, one of the author’s strongest suits.

     An addictive revenge novel with guts and heart.

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